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Online media matters


July 2010’s Posts.

  1. Sometimes, competition works

    All major Canadian carriers offer the iPhone and the resulting price is cheaper than the U.S. 

  2. 10K Apart

    Fond memories of the 5K Awards resurface with this modern spin on the idea

  3. The music of Scott Pilgrim

    Exclaim! explains the audio inspiration for the movie adaption of the graphic novel series

  4. Goodbye Maury Chaykin

    One of my favourite character actors to watch onscreen died on his 61st birthday

  5. On (Mad) Men

    "Enter Don Draper, the last John Wayne among a cultural landscape filled with Jon Gosselins"

  6. 48 Hour Magazine now Longshot

    The brazen legal tactics of CBS succeeded in forcing the indie magazine to change its entire brand

  7. The Web needs editors

    Maybe because this is how I started out, it all makes sense to me

  8. BBC previews new website

    Features a cleaner design, bigger video, and more share tools

  9. On CSS prefixes

    Eric Meyer argues for vendor prefixes, and proposes an improvement to the standardization of CSS

  10. On covering protests

    Some advice on what to do as a journalists while covering potentially heated protests

  11. Chinese movable type

    An overview of how movable type was used commercially up until the past few decades

  12. Firefox heatmap


  13. 100 top online publishers

    Pleased to see msnbc.com make not once, but twice (three times, if you count EveryBlock)

  14. optimizeLegibility extension

    Jim Ray creates a simple Safari extension to improve how type is rendered on page

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