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DOM talk

DOM support in the new Opera 7 beta is not quite ready for prime time (that’s why its “beta”) so if you want to visit this site using that browser I highly recommend you turn-off JavaScript before arriving. CSS support seems excellent, though. (Opera has a full list of what’s supported.) If you do notice bugs, read the support documentation, and then — with a qualified test case — submit them.

Speaking of the DOM (the W3C DOM), Peter Paul Koch (who was recently profiled at netdiver) initiated an interesting thread on a couple of mailing lists about the future use of the W3C DOM. He’s summarized the discussion at evolt.org.

One last DOM thing, this time for Mozilla. If you use that browser at all, you may have noticed its “Inspector” application, which is great for debugging pages relying heavily on DOM events (like most versions of this page). Scott Andrew pointed to a good tutorial on the DOM Inspector, and although it focuses on using it to debug XUL, the principals for Web pages remain the same.

(Netscape’s DevEdge, BTW, has a another good tutorial, but this one is about using XUL to build a toolbar for Gecko-based browsers.)