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March 2008’s Posts.

  1. Geogrpahic bias in news coverage

    A visualization about how regions less coverage, the further away it is from the paper's base.

  2. iPhone optimization

    A little JavaScript that optimizes the presentation of a site on an iPhone

  3. Caprica a go

    BSG prequel will probably be shot in Vancouver, allowing CBC to call it "Canadian made"

  4. State of the media - 2008

    The fifth survey of journalism in the U.S. is out

  5. CBC P2Ping it's shows

    Okay, not all of them, just "Canada's Next Great Prime Minister" but it is a start.

  6. Levi's retro ads

    Four commercials from the 1970s shows how amazing ads could be

  7. Dual-sided, translucent touch-screens

    A patent filing from Apple showcases some innovative new interface ideas.

  8. SI.com opens its archive

    Magazine hopes to stave of competitors by opening up decades of articles to the Web

  9. CBC cancels more good shows

    JPod and the outstanding Intelligence are cancelled (the latter will probably appear as a U.S. adaption soon enough, though).

  10. iPhone SDK

    The iPhone Developer program is unveiled.

  11. Download IE8

    The first Beta can now be downloaded

  12. Making iPhone icons

    Need a custom icon for your Web app on the iPhone. stress no more.

  13. Pownce's new API

    Pownce offers a complete API that now includes the ability to post notes...but is it too late?

  14. New media criticism blog

    Douglas Bell is bringing his humourous voice to a new blog from TorotntoLife.com

  15. Give IE8 a break

    Tiff Fehr asks the Web standards community to help IE8 developers out for a change.

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