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Some VoIP Posts.

  1. Mobile Safari doubles usage

    The launch of the iPhone 3G pushes the mobile Safari usage to 0.3%

  2. Flick navigation on the iPhone

    Some very simple CSS can create the flick navigation in Safari on the iPhone

  3. iPhone events

    Not, not the marketing kind, the JavaScript kind

  4. How to Show Telephone Numbers On Letterheads

    Ladislav Sutnar's 1960 booklet demonstrating letterhead design

  5. thestar.com: iPhone edition

    The Toronto Star launches an iPhone enhanced version as the other Canadian papers seem woefully behind

  6. Touch and gestures in JavaScript

    The iPhone API for these new events is thoroughly deconstructed.

  7. Minor changes for big effect in iPhone 2.0

    Sure, there are some new applications to download, but the big win with the iPhone 2.0 software is the subtle changes to the user experience, proving, once again, how attention to details can exponentially increase the perceived value of a product. (The other part, though, is making sure people can access that product.)

  8. iPhone apps

    Tomorrow, Canada will get its first legal iPhone, but, as well-covered in the press, it will pay an unbelievable price for the privilege. Coincidentally, I’ll be getting my second and handing the first one — the iPhone that introduced me to Seattle — to the same person who made packing tape a necessary feature for the phone.

  9. Canadian iPhone pricing

    Rogers rate plan means my usage of the iPhone would cost me twice as much in Canada as in the U.S.

  10. iPhone really coming to Canada

    After months of speculation and rumour Canada will get its Roger's enabled iPhone

  11. Mobile screen sizes

    Think big, as the new minimum looks to be 240 x 320

  12. Testing the mobile Web

    Similar to the Acid tests, the W3C has unveiled a Web standards test for mobile browsers -- none fully pass it.

  13. iPhone optimization

    A little JavaScript that optimizes the presentation of a site on an iPhone

  14. iPhone SDK

    The iPhone Developer program is unveiled.

  15. Making iPhone icons

    Need a custom icon for your Web app on the iPhone. stress no more.

  16. T-5 Days

    We’ve done the holiday tours, and the packers are here now, boxing up the last remnants of our stuff which will follow us into Seattle a few days after we land on January 2.

  17. Mobile Firefox

    Effectively, this kills the Minimo project and promises to bring the Firefox spirit to mobile browsing.

  18. Interface design for the mobile Web

    Lessons in interface design for mobile devices.

  19. iPhone unlocked

    So will Rogers brings an official one to Canada or will we will Canucks need to hack it?

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