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July 2008’s Posts.

  1. iPhone events

    Not, not the marketing kind, the JavaScript kind

  2. The new "delicious"

    Delicious has dropped its Web 2.0 spelling and has under went a radical makeover

  3. How to Show Telephone Numbers On Letterheads

    Ladislav Sutnar's 1960 booklet demonstrating letterhead design

  4. Canadianizing film posters

    Some very clever cultural plays in the Canadian Film Festival posters

  5. Buid your own font

    FontShop's Web-based tool allows you to build simple, modular fonts quickly online

  6. The 2008 A List Apart survey

    Work the Web in someway? Take A List Apart's Web industry survey and help create a clearer picture of the industry

  7. Terry Fox

    Had he lived, the man who inspired Canada with his Marathon of Hope would have been 50 years old today.

  8. CBC.ca does Chinese

    And Fake Ouimet (a.k.a., Joe Clark) hit his stride

  9. Recovering the bikes

    Remarkable photo essay detailing the recovery of hundreds of presumed stolen bikes

  10. Tracking the real homicide rates

    Are there more murders in Toronto than in past years?

  11. Movie domain names

    Being both an Internet and a movie geek lets you create a entertaining review site

  12. 49:00

    Only Amazon would sell Paul Westerberg's latest album for 49 cents

  13. Pop art then and now

    An overview of pop art in its classic and modern forms

  14. Nazaré Snack Bar

    From the Blackout to near blackouts, I'll always love the Communist's Daughter

  15. The Tea Makers is back

    But is now under the management of Fake Ouimet, a.k.a., Joe Clark

  16. CBC: near- or farsighted?

    Recently Canada’s public broadcaster urged the CRTC to “reject old assumptions about new media” and claimed that the consumption of broadcast media is not being negatively effected by the Internet.

  17. How to write with style

    Kurt Vonnegut wrote 7 or 8 tips one should consider

  18. Igor charged with bike theft

    Toronto's stolen bikes always seemed to end up at Igor's place on Queen West

  19. NPR API

    More news outlets lifting the skirts on the core of their business

  20. Toronto as seen by a San Franciscan

    Interesting take on my home city from a resident of a city I newly appreciate

  21. Multitouch light table in JavaScript

    Works both on iPhones and the desktop versions of Safari

  22. Creative or invasive?

    Outdoor advertising in Toronto hits the bulls eye...or something

  23. Visualizing the Walmart infection

    A very viral map of Walmarts explosive growth across the U.S.

  24. thestar.com: iPhone edition

    The Toronto Star launches an iPhone enhanced version as the other Canadian papers seem woefully behind

  25. Information design patterns

    Based on a beautifully crafted master thesis, this is a brilliant repository of patterns

  26. Small screens are better

    The iPhone shows that, in interface design, less really can be more

  27. Touch and gestures in JavaScript

    The iPhone API for these new events is thoroughly deconstructed.

  28. Minor changes for big effect in iPhone 2.0

    Sure, there are some new applications to download, but the big win with the iPhone 2.0 software is the subtle changes to the user experience, proving, once again, how attention to details can exponentially increase the perceived value of a product. (The other part, though, is making sure people can access that product.)

  29. iPhone apps

    Tomorrow, Canada will get its first legal iPhone, but, as well-covered in the press, it will pay an unbelievable price for the privilege. Coincidentally, I’ll be getting my second and handing the first one — the iPhone that introduced me to Seattle — to the same person who made packing tape a necessary feature for the phone.

  30. Spectator's last post

    Toronto Life has shuttered its blogs and the great Doug Bell signs-off with a brilliantly layered entry

  31. Opera Web Standards Curriculum

    Chris Mills has done a heroic job developing a massive collection of Web standards-based learning resources

  32. Silverback review

    This comprehensive review was enough to convince me of this usability program's value

  33. Identi.ca

    Interesting concept for a Twitter replacement (I'm "saila" there) - no API at launch tho

  34. Canadian colour palette

    Colour for each of Canada's cities

  35. Canada Day rant

    Living in the U.S. puts into context how important it is not to become complacent about Canada’s national perception.

  36. Le chandail

    NFB, Roch Carrier, and Maurice Richard

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