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June 2008’s Posts.

  1. CSS variables

    WebKit nightly builds support a much desired CSS feature

  2. Tyson Homosexual

    When political agendas interfere with the news process, the names of Olympic athletes become schoolyard jokes

  3. A Netflix for magazines

    Interesting concept allows you to rent magazines on a subscription

  4. Rogers destroying Citytv

    Once North America's most innovative TV station, Rogers is systematically eviscerating the channel

  5. Canadian iPhone pricing

    Rogers rate plan means my usage of the iPhone would cost me twice as much in Canada as in the U.S.

  6. Real 3-D holographic displays

    Appropriately demonstrated using a Star Wars spacecraft

  7. Better CSS font stacks

    An excellent collection of font collections to use to ensure everyone has the best chance of seeing the type the way you intended them to

  8. Happy Birthday UPC

    Thirty years ago, the first product ever was checked using the Universal Product Code

  9. What every Web designer should know

    Andy Rutledge goes throw the skills Web designers should have, and most are not what you would expect

  10. Noticing differences

    When asked about the differences I’ve seen with the U.S. and Canada, my response has not been about the money, the accents, or the milk containers, but rather it involves the level of cultural tolerance.

  11. Eric's Trip: the movie

    A low-fi documentary about the low-fi pioneers filmed by band member Rick White

  12. The secret vault of Lego

    All the Lego sets ever made have been saved in one magical place

  13. Seattle's newest 'hood: Radio Point

    Appears that the little triangle where I live is being contested by two different neighbourhoods

  14. about:robots

    They have a plan

  15. Delaying news in the Internet era

    NYTimes.com talks a bit about how Tim Russert's death was leaked online

  16. Preloading CSS images

    A jQuery plug-in walks through CSS files to cache images to improve loading time

  17. Ice on Mars

    Real, water ice and MarsPhoenix twittered the news

  18. Air India 182

    June 22 marks on of Canada's darkest moments and people need to know why

  19. Examining the new Orlando Sentinel

    Candid discussions about the dramatic new design of a Florida newspaper

  20. Visualizing a rendering engine

    Three videos show how Firefox renders Web pages

  21. Number Stations reimagined

    Video collage of a MySpace security process feels like the shortwave espionage broadcasts

  22. Firefox 3 already challenging Safari

    Within 24 hours, Firefox 3 around a 4% marketshare (Safari has about 6%)

  23. David Crow on FreshBooks

    Toronto Web tech don profiles the terrific online invoicing service

  24. The paragraph in Web tyopgraphy

    Jon Tangerine loving details the ways to treat a paragraph on a Web page

  25. Good Bloomsday to you

    Also known as the secret St. Patrick's Day

  26. On Tim Russert

    Not being American, the reason to Russert's death surprised me; this helps explain it

  27. On Ken Alexander's resgination

    Douglas Brown offers an honest take on the Walrus editor

  28. globeandmail.com free

    The product that occupied the least enjoyable chunk of my time at the Globe is now gone (funny how it wasn't mentioned when I met with them tho)

  29. First impressions of BarCamp Seattle

    Probably a result of the venue, what with its actual class rooms filled with podiums, projectors, and microphones, the formality of this Seattle BarCamp is far more implicit than ever it was at the Toronto BarCamps (except for the one held, coincidentally, at the MSN Canada offices). Lots of hallway buzz, but the sessions have been sadly distracted by the jackhammering going on outside the Adobe building.

  30. Heading to BarCamp Seattle

    This is being written on a bus (the 30) as I tardily trek to BarCamp Seattle — only the first of many differences between my experiences with the BarCamp scene in Toronto (although, coincidentally, on my way to the first Toronto BarCamp, I spotted some infamous graffiti on the outside of a Starbucks franchise).

  31. Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit

    Wireframe stencils for a wide number of Web design elements

  32. Firefox Mobile concept video

    Very interesting demo of a mobile Web browsing interface

  33. Seattle colder than Siberia

    Travelling from Toronto's almost 40C weather to Seattle's low teens has knocked my body for a loop

  34. Media ethics and citizen journalism

    Think piece from the New York Times about the need to identify oneself as a reporter

  35. Capitoll Hill garage sale

    On June 14, 2008 there will be about a dozen sales happening throughout the neighbourhood

  36. CBC loses The Hockey Theme

    Hockey Night in Canada will no longer have its iconic theme now that CTV has bought the rights to the song

  37. Beta TTC site

    Looks like a corporate site designed by committee, and lacks any personality

  38. The Globe and Mail e-Edition Newsreader

    My former colleagues put together a very usable interface for browsing an electronic edition of the paper.

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