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BarCamp Seattle: The Father’s Day Edition

Sunday morning and another Seattle bus adventure means arriving once again late for BarCamp Seattle, thankfully, the sessions also got underway a bit later. Today begins (for me) with a discussion on social media design where I promote Pownce’s friend/fan and group pattern (potentially to be added to the new social media repository announced in the session) and will end with, apparently, Diet Coke and Mentos.

Yesterday’s session were a solid mix, starting with more formal presentations and easing into casual discussion outside in the sun by the end of the day. Seattle was finally starting to get the BarCamp spirit. In fact the tipping point seemed to be a session on Starbuck vs. Samwise — it was a relaxed, loose conversation that was tangentially about the attention economy. Other sessions on the economy, mobile “microformats” and accessibility provoked some good discussions that were almost all cut short by the time limit of 30 minutes. This was most notable during a discussion on standards and search; one statement about using only one anchored link per page could have spawned an entire 60 minutes worth of argument.

Today, it’s about 45 minutes, which seems to be far more comfortable a timeslot, as evidenced by the social media talk and a demo of drawball.com. People seem to be a lot more comfortable and ready to participate…

OH: “What’s next!?”

Answer: How to be a superhero, by Tantek Çelik.