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Online media matters


November 2010’s Posts.

  1. Beyond the blog

    An insightful analysis about online content, disguised as an explanation of changes at Gawker

  2. A Treesaver critique

    Which includes some valid observations beneath the typical Joe Clark tone

  3. Now to succeed in the news business

    "Must be willing to call out those playing fast & loose with facts; & hold everyone to the same standard"

  4. Canada's sites not accessible

    Federal judge rules the government Web sites don't meet current accessibility standards and need to be improved 

  5. State of the mobile Web

    As of October 2010, and through the eyes of Opera Mini users

  6. The cost of renting a subway station

    Surprisingly cheaper rates for Toronto's lower Bay station than I would have suspected

  7. House in a box

    Shipping crates transformed into custom manufactured, modernist homes with more room than some condos

  8. News+

    A new concept for delivering newspapers to the iPad - getting closer...

  9. The cost of magazine apps

    Producing tablet editions can be just as expensive as the paper-and-ink versions

  10. The history of free

    An early online news pioneer explains why the media couldn't charge for content in the beginning days

  11. iPolitics launches

    Subscription-based, HTML5-powered site covers the Canadian political scene (and quotes Abraham Lincoln)

  12. Jobs and Murdoch create news app

    The iPad-newspaper, staffed by 100 journalists, will be called "Daily" and sold for $0.99

  13. A radical pessimist's guide to the next 10 years

    "Expect less. Not zero, just less." - Douglas Coupland

  14. Defend the Web

    An impassioned plea to actively support openness on the Web from Time Berners-Lee

  15. Mark Lukasiewicz on TV news

    NBC News' head of digital media spoke of broadcast news' challenges in the online era

  16. The ethics of unpublishing

    Ten best practices to follow when considering the removal of digital content, as suggested by the Canadian Association of Journalists

  17. The danger with ending Newsweek.com

    Media mergers are never as great as they sound on paper — part of the brand of a news media company is the culture of its staff. Change the make-up of that staff, you change the core of the brand. So, when The Daily Beast’s “marriage” with Newsweek, there was much speculation about what it meant for the recently sold magazine. What’s more unusual, though, is what some of that speculation has resulted in. Past and present employees of Newsweek’s Web site are rising to its defence. And rightly so. While at msnbc.com, I occasionally worked with some of Newsweek’s online team and what they are doing is impressive. Newsweek.com has lead the media industry to Tumblr with its efforts there. The last redesign is simple, online-friendly, and relies on HTML5 for its underlying code. And, the team has elevated design to be a defining element of its online presence. Ten years ago, merging one online property with another was, if not defensible, and least difficult to argue against. The rules of the game were still being defined, and revenue was something to worry about later. Now, however, online media has become, for most people, the primary point of contact with any media brand, and Newsweek is no different. Redirecting Newsweek.com to TheDailyBeast.com reflects an understanding of online media that resulted in mergers like AOL and Time-Warner. And even if the printed Newsweek were to renamed The Daily Beast, the damage to the online presence will take years to rebuild. Barry Diller et al., if they really want The Daily Beast to flourish, would be wise to heed those voices tumbling across the Web

  18. The birth of a legend

    Twenty years ago, the idea for the World Wide Web was first, officially proposed 

  19. Atlantic's rules

    Twelve (or 10) good guidelines, or unknown origin, for editors of any good publication

  20. Remembering Toronto's WWII fallen

    A simple, and powerful, map of Toronto using a poppy to mark the home of each dead soldier

  21. HTML-based ebooks

    The Baker Framework looks to provide a simple way to package ebooks for iPad reading

  22. How much does an iPhone app cost

    A breakdown of the cost for development, based on some candid, real-world observations

  23. Times' lost millions

    The London Times' paywall experiment has cost them traffic, and likely a lot of revenue

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