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Some Web Posts.

  1. Defend the Web

    An impassioned plea to actively support openness on the Web from Time Berners-Lee

  2. The birth of a legend

    Twenty years ago, the idea for the World Wide Web was first, officially proposed 

  3. Web apps outside the browser

    A comprehensive summary of Apollo (and WPF/E) and what it means for Web app developers.

  4. CakePHP v. CodeIgnitor

    Snook does an excellent comparision of the two PHP-based MVCs

  5. Web-based project tools

    An overview of Web-based tools for planning, budgeting, and developing projects.

  6. Steven Johnson's outside.in

    The man behind feed (and a few excellent books) is back in the online content business with a new twist on geo-tagging

  7. Take an RSS usage survey

    Microsoft is doing an quick snapshot of how people use RSS and will be releasing the results to the public on October 20, 2006.

  8. PHP Canadian?!

    This I did not know: PHP was apparently created by a Canadian (as was Java).

  9. Two “me toos”

    Normally, I refrain from “me too” posts, but today Zeldman echoed my experiences over the past few weeks

  10. Clipping clip; new products from Macromedia

    SimpleBits has a nice example of CSS-based zoom feature for images (based on Pixy’s rollover), and that in turn, inspired me to try to do use clip to create a thumbnail/zoom function. The results so far have been less than satisfying…CSS’s clip property is one of those things that never behaves as I think it should.

  11. Post-blackout links

    Back from the blackout (my neighbourhood was essentially powerless until Sunday morning) with some links. (I have posted a description of the first day and night without power along with some pics.) As Toronto powers ahead at (please, please) half-steam, here are some links for your consideration:

  12. Veen blogs

    For a long time, the Jeffrey I associated with Web design was not Zeldman, but Veen. (As I’ve mentioned before, HotWired had quite an influence on me.) Now, it looks as though he’s blogging.

  13. Can I install multiple versions of Internet Explorer?

    If you run Windows, there is no way to have two versions of Internet Explorer running at the same time without using special software.

  14. Can I have spaces in my file names?

    Sort of. Technically, a URL shouldn’t have any white space in it, but many servers can now handle this. To be safe it is best to replace spaces with an underscore. If the space cannot be changed, you should replace the space with %20, which Web server’s will interpret as a space.

  15. Can I have punctuation in my file names?

    You can use some but not all. Like spaces, inserting non-alphanumeric characters into a file name could cause problems for browsers, servers, or the user.

  16. Which standard is the right HTML standard?

    The short answer is that there is no right HTML standard. If it validates, browsers should display it. Now, the longer answer.

  17. Should I use a DOCTYPE declaration?

    Newer browsers are relying on the DOCTYPE declaration (a.k.a, DTD) to determine how a page should be displayed.

  18. Why do some characters not show up on a Macintosh?

    This could be the result of a number of things, the first, and most likely being that a special character was pasted into the document from Windows-document. For Web pages to display accented characters and the like, they must be properly encoded.

  19. Are relative links better than absolute links?

    Relative links (also known as “document relative“) have the advantage of being shorter, and more portable as they refer to other pages relative to themselves.

  20. How do I block a search engine from indexing my site?

  21. Web Building Tips

    This is a collection of tips about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other Web development and design issues.

  22. View all (it might be a looong page, though)