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August 2003’s Posts.

  1. Styling legend; CSS filters for Opera

    While trying to find a way to style fieldsets and legend, I stumbled across a CSS filter that looks to hide rules from Opera 7 and Safari — it could be a replacement for the *7 Hack.

  2. New Liberal candidate

    “The cries of various groups have reached my ears and call me forth…” The Liberal leadership race takes an interesting turn.

  3. Clipping clip; new products from Macromedia

    SimpleBits has a nice example of CSS-based zoom feature for images (based on Pixy’s rollover), and that in turn, inspired me to try to do use clip to create a thumbnail/zoom function. The results so far have been less than satisfying…CSS’s clip property is one of those things that never behaves as I think it should.

  4. Happenings


  5. Self-healing systems

    Talk about self-healing systems: a new worm is crawling the Web trying to patch the Windows’ security hole used by Blaster (via SvN)

  6. Post-blackout links

    Back from the blackout (my neighbourhood was essentially powerless until Sunday morning) with some links. (I have posted a description of the first day and night without power along with some pics.) As Toronto powers ahead at (please, please) half-steam, here are some links for your consideration:

  7. XForms 1.0, and more CSS modules; Eolas patent

    The W3C has been busy once again. XForms 1.0 is now a proposed recommendation — this is what may be used in XHTML 2.0 — but Microsoft is already going its own way by using its own XML-based form tool in the version of Office.

  8. The Great Blackout of ’03

    A description of the 2003 blackout, excerpted from an email sent to a friend travelling in Australia.

  9. Why we write for the Web

    Just spent sometime reading two essays, one by Josh Allen and the other by Paul Ford. Both are contemporaries in terms of age (as most us doing this are) and attitude toward the Web, and both were writing on why they write for this medium. Suffice it to say, I agree, and that, in turn, got me thinking about this site’s whole redesign

  10. August 8, 2003

    Some pages are carrying ads from Google AdSense, as part of a trial run. If you have an questions, please contact saila.com

  11. Mutual funds get CSS layouts

    A second Canadian financial services company converts its mutual fund profiles to CSS layouts.

  12. CSS designs for finance sites

    The second in a series of new products I’ve been working on has launched; like the first, it’s a financial service company’s mutual fund profile using an all CSS-layout. Read the related rant for more details about the process.

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