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September 2006’s Posts.

  1. Agile advantages

    The more I read about Google’s software development mentality, the more it makes sense from an organizational perspective.

  2. No more Sunshine girl?

    Looks like the Toronto Sun wants to drop the bikini-clad institution

  3. Web Directions North

    The famed Web conference is coming to Vancouver in February 2007.

  4. Simon Willison's re-introduction to JavaScript

    Great review of the basics offered one a-ha moment: objects and associative arrays are the same thing.

  5. Znaimer may get his Way

    Toronto is considering naming the strip of Queen West that runs past CITY-TV, between John and Duncan Streets, Moses Znaimer Way.

  6. Shafer loves the Times Reader

    And I admit, it does sound quite enticing. Still not sure it can't be done with some effort on the Web, tho.

  7. Windows Vista UX Guide

    The user experience guidelines for Microsoft's new operating system will help shape many people's interface expecations.

  8. Take an RSS usage survey

    Microsoft is doing an quick snapshot of how people use RSS and will be releasing the results to the public on October 20, 2006.

  9. Spacing's Toronto election Blog

    Covering the public spacing issues during the run-up to the November 13 election.

  10. Final Fantasy takes the first Polaris prize

    Best pick overall (and no doubt, the best one politically) from a very loaded field.

  11. Understanding Objects in JavaScript

    After all these years, I finally get it.

  12. How to design an online product

    In this case, Google Calendar, but the steps showed be followed by any online initiative.

  13. Why monospace is small

    Mr. Hyatt tries to explain why monospaced fonts can look smaller than proportional fonts.

  14. globeandmail.com design tweak

    Geoff Teehan adjusts the design of globeandmail.com to improve the homepage design.

  15. Transparent alert messages

    A proposal for making alert messages more usable.

  16. CSS filter for IE7

    The short: ":first-child+html" will only target Internet Explorer 7.

  17. Standalone IE7 RC1

    Once again, it's possible to launch a standalone version of Internet Explorer 7

  18. Toronto Hydro's WiFi now live

    Coverage (in the downtown core) is free for the first 6 months, about C$30/month afterwards.

  19. What newspapers really need to do online

    Adrian Holovaty offers a large manifesto to which I can only reply: ditto.

  20. Pageviews are Obsolete

    The pageview metric is constant issue as we try to develop smarter Web sites that don't rely on fully reloading pages.

  21. Survey of Internet use by U.S. newspaper

    Lots of data on what newspapers are doing online, with some interesting recommendations

  22. Sawatsky's interview tips

    37 Signals summarizes some of John Sawatsky's famous interview advice.

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