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Web Design

Web Building Tips

  1. An Overview of the Best Practices

    Looking at the key best practices emerging in the Web design industry.

  2. Steadfast Suggestions for Web Design

  3. How do I get rid of the space around forms?

  4. Do I need an action attribute for a form?

  5. Why do form elements show through layers?

  6. How do I remove the scrollbars?

  7. How do I make only one scrollbar appear when setting overflow?

  8. How can I control the size of a text field/input box?

  9. Should I use drop-down menus for navigation?

  10. GIF, JPEG, or PNG?

  11. Is an alt attribute needed if there is no description for the image?

  12. How do I get text to wrap around an image?

  13. Why do images in tables have a white gutter on the bottom?

  14. How do a remove the border around a linked image?

  15. How do I center a table using CSS?

  16. How can I have a liquid layout, with a maximum width?

  17. How do I style an hr?

  18. How do I indent lists using CSS?

  19. How are inline list created?

  20. How can I create space between list items?

  21. What’s the difference between “visibility” and “display”?

  22. Can I install multiple versions of Internet Explorer?

  23. The page displays in Internet Explorer but not Netscape, why?

  24. How come the text gets smaller and smaller in Netscape 4.x?

  25. How I can serve different style sheets to different browsers?

  26. Does Internet Explorer on Windows support position: fixed?

  27. How can a page’s design be quickly changed?

  28. Can I get rid of the white space “gutter” around my HTML pages?

  29. In older browser’s, my JavaScript/style sheets are being displayed as text.

  30. Why aren’t my style sheets showing up in Mozilla/Netscape 6+?

  31. How can I get my logo appear as a bookmark icon?

  32. How do I make drop shadows?

  33. Uppercase or lowercase?

  34. Should I quote attributes?

  35. Must I close all elements?

  36. How do I force a page to reload?

  37. How do I make a page redirect the user elsewhere?

  38. Which is the right extension: *.html or *.htm?

  39. Can I have spaces in my file names?

  40. Can I have punctuation in my file names?

  41. Which standard is the right HTML standard?

  42. Should I use a DOCTYPE declaration?

  43. Why do some characters not show up on a Macintosh?

  44. How do I use special characters in JavaScript?

  45. Are relative links better than absolute links?

  46. How do I block a search engine from indexing my site?

  47. Is there away to display a user’s system colours?

  48. Are CSS hacks and filters necessary?

  49. Why can’t my checkbox be made read-only?

  50. What CSS selectors does a browser support?

  51. What are attribute selectors good for?