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Clipping clip; new products from Macromedia

SimpleBits has a nice example of CSS-based zoom feature for images (based on Pixy’s rollover), and that in turn, inspired me to try to do use clip to create a thumbnail/zoom function. The results so far have been less than satisfying…CSS’s clip property is one of those things that never behaves as I think it should.

A blog for newspaper editors, called Prints the chaff, could be an excellent resource for those in-charge of the copy on a certain national newspapers’ typo-ridden arts section (and for me, too).

No doubt you’ll be hearing a lot about Macromedia’s new product line-up over the next few weeks (as well as its newly redesigned and standards-based site). Suffice it to say Dreamweaver is promising improved CSS support and rendering (the big questions is whether it will properly display CSS-based layouts in the editor), and is offering a tighter integration with the other products.

Meanwhile. HomeSite, my editor-of-choice, gets a point-three upgrade (taking it to 5.5), and Macromedia may continue developing it. If you like HomeSite, too, let Macromedia know.