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January 2008’s Posts.

  1. OfficeMac 2008 annoyances

    A timely Flickr pool of bugbears in the Mac OS version of Office.

  2. Web Directions North ‘08 kicks off

    Coming to this year’s Web Directions North provided me with a very memorable first: entering Canada for the first time as a U.S. resident.

  3. Excellent investigative journalism online

    Yes, its from MSNBC.com, but I had nothing to do with it so I say without bias this is piece on bridges at risk is a tremendous piece of reporting.

  4. The State of Media

    Deloitte's second survey on changing media attitudes amongst the generations has some good insight (PDF)

  5. Leonard Cohen to tour again

    Never expected to see him perform live again.

  6. HTML5 is a draft

    Keep in mind it is a draft, and won't be real this decade, but it is a major evolution of the mark-up language used to build the Web.

  7. EveryBlock launches

    Adrian Holovaty's hyper-local site launches and offers exactly the kind of site I would want for local information...when comes Seattle?

  8. Starbucks trying to suck me in

    Starbucks is experimenting with $1 coffees with free refills in Seattle.

  9. Opting-in to use Web standards

    Jeremy Keith exactly sums up mine (and many other peoples) concerns over the plans to lock-in browser compatibility.

  10. IE8 and future compatibility

    Chris Wilson, Internet Explorer's Platform Architect, explains how IE8 plans to not break the Web.

  11. Microsoft lunch tour

    Reviewing all the various Microsoft campus cafes.

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