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Web Directions North ‘08 kicks off

Coming to this year’s Web Directions North provided me with a very memorable first: entering Canada for the first time as a U.S. resident. (Explaining to the border guard that we actually did live in Seattle and weren’t actually re-entering the country was…interesting). Thankfully, once we made it across I was happily re-united with my former co-workers at The Globe for an amazingly cooked meal at toothpastery’s house.

Day one started with more reunions — including a few Torontonians, some of the Web Directions 2007 crowd, a co-worker — and a very enjoyable keynote by Zeldman (he spent a good hour offering an eye witness account how The WaSP and Web standards actually came in to being).

Next on my list was Derek’s talk on real world accessibility and how it can affect usability (ask him about king-size bed’s in London), followed by Kimberly Elam’s in-depth session that I am currently in: five essential tools for Web typography.

I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging too much during this conference, but you can follow my Twitter-stream or the conference’s own pseudo-tumble log for a better sense of what is happening.

By the way, if you are attending, and see me, please come by and say hey.