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Heading to BarCamp Seattle

This is being written on a bus (the 30) as I tardily trek to BarCamp Seattle — only the first of many differences between my experiences with the BarCamp scene in Toronto (although, coincidentally, on my way to the first Toronto BarCamp, I spotted some infamous graffiti on the outside of a Starbucks franchise).

Toronto held its first BarCamp in November 2005 and the community that’s grown around it has helped energize the tech and Web development community there (and potentially created a baby boom).

This weekend, marks my third fourth BarCamp, but the first in a city (my new city) where the tech community is so dominant in mainstream life. Although Seattle is four-and-a-half times smaller than Toronto, this weekend's BarCamp Seattle includes some of the Web/tech community celebrities and is being held in Adobe Seattle campus (which is right beside Google and Getty and across the channel from Newsvine [Microsoft is a bit further away]).

All of this is leading to some high expectations for the proceedings ahead, and I hope, as the weekend wears on the chronicle some of them here.