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April 2008’s Posts.

  1. Tax deadline extended

    So it wasn't just me, heavy traffic did take down the Netfile site

  2. iPhone really coming to Canada

    After months of speculation and rumour Canada will get its Roger's enabled iPhone

  3. Mobile screen sizes

    Think big, as the new minimum looks to be 240 x 320

  4. Web page sizes triple

    The average Web page file size is now ore than 312Kb and calls nearly 50 objects.

  5. Online karma

    After laying off its online production department, is it a surprise that TheStar.com's news coverage suffers?

  6. TTC strike summary

    Torontoist has an excellent overview of the short-lived transit strike.

  7. CSS Variables

    Most definitely not a W3C proposal, but one every Web designer would love to see implemented.

  8. Opera gets a JavaScript debugger

    Dragonfly will be Opera's delayed response to tools like Firebug

  9. Defining the Web design elite

    nGen's doing it one cartoony face at a time.

  10. Thank Twitter

    Good post to counter some negative sentiment, even if 37signals has undeclared bias in the debate

  11. Calculating hours

    Good advice on pricing the project management part of design work.

  12. McDonald's mocks Starbucks

    How many layers of irony can you see in the McDonald's espresso ad spotted in Seattle?

  13. Curley leaving WaPo?

    Rumours are Tob Curley will be heading to the Django-powered Las vegas Sun.

  14. Web Directions North podcasts up

    The podcasts from the speakers at Web Directions North 2008 at our now online, and offer some great listening.

  15. Torstar elimintates Internet staff

    The entire Internet production staff at the Toronto Star has been laid-off.

  16. Arrived in Seattle FAQ

    Some answers to questions about our first months in Seattle.

  17. Today's front pages

    Collect the Newseum's newspaper front pages into one document.

  18. Testing the mobile Web

    Similar to the Acid tests, the W3C has unveiled a Web standards test for mobile browsers -- none fully pass it.

  19. Not a Google beta

    Trust me, this beta isn’t supposed to be a permanent feature.

  20. "Ouimet" calls it quites

    The anonymous CBC manager who began by blogging about the strike, signs off

  21. CSS Gradients

    WebKit now does gadients, but at what price inter-operability?

  22. Load the scripts you need

    A simple script that will dynamically request only the JavaScripts required by the page.

  23. A decade of Black Flag hair

    The American harcore band's coif stylings

  24. The new Musseum station

    ROM-inspired look is better than expected, especially the station name on the walls.

  25. Webby nominees for 2008

    The Globe and Mail and the CBC are both up for one.

  26. Bumbershoot 2008 lineup

    Seattle's amazing music and arts festival unveiled some of the performers scheduled to appear

  27. Design Coding

    The Web Standardista's new rap.

  28. The EveryBlock issue of A List Apart

    Two great articles from the folks at Holovaty's hyper local company

  29. Google Maps as a narrative tool

    Good, fiction that experiments with the Web's new user experiences.

  30. ISO to define UX

    Apparently,there is to be an International Standard for Human Centred Design that codifies user experience.

  31. Canadian newspapers healthy

    Differences between Canada and the U.S., number 301

  32. Conversations as the new stats

    Probably not new to most bloggers, but increasingly important for news sites to realize.

  33. JavaScript "TimeMachine"

    An early effort to duplicate the Mac OS's TimeMachine effect in JavaScript

  34. Visualizng rhythms of text

    Stefanie Posavec has created some stunning work inspired by "On The Road"

  35. CSS compatibility and IE

    A comprehensive guide to what is and is not supported in the various versions of Internet Explorer.

  36. Defining the Open Web

    Brad Neuberg helps explain what it means and explains why it is important.

  37. Best news photo gallery

    A couple of my co-workers work was chosen as the NPAA's Best of Photojournalism for 2008

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