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Repsonse to Web patents

One of the amazing things about WebDesign-L is the high signal-to-noise ratio. This is in large part due to the impressive efforts by the ListMom, Steve Champeon and the fact the members are among the world's best Web design experts.

Not surprisingly, one of the hot topics is patents and the W3C (as mentioned in the last item). Jeffery Zeldman, passionate supporter of standards and co-founder of WaSP, and Champeon, another co-founder of WaSP, were among those debating the merits of the W3C's proposed policy.

The end result of a debate which took up most of the list's time over the past few days is a clearer understanding of what the policy is really about. The discussion led to Zeldman's softening of his initial opposition, and has also softened my initial views.

This is not the first time such broad, enlightening conversations has happened on this list, nor will it be the last. The community's vitality is a refreshing oasis from the current economic climate.

Remember, though, it is important that we all read and rationally respond to this policy and make sure it is the best it can be.