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June 2001’s Posts.

  1. Smart Tags and more IE fun

    Been quiet here as I’ve been busy with the post-mortem of the Ontario Science Centre’s launch. One day there'll be an article about the differences between pushing out a corporate site and a media site. Over this past week or so there’s been a lot of very interesting sites, articles, and issues which have caught my eye, many of which are listed below for your enjoyment:

  2. Ontario Science Centre site launches; OJA deadline

    Launched the new Ontario Science Centre site today, after spending a couple of hours trying to figure out some weird style sheet interpretations in IE 5.0 for Windows (praise ELEMENT/* */{ attribute: value }). This morning, I was able to fix a weird style sheet interpretation unique to IE 5.0 for the Macintosh. I'm now struggling with a buggy JavaScript engine in IE 4.0 for the Mac that creates endless loops when trying to detect if the page is framed (partial solution).

  3. Privacy Policy

    Happy Bloomsday!

  4. Notes on Web Design

    It's hot in Toronto, a humidex of about 35ºC, and the QA period is winding down. Nothing much to report except Valerie Casey's "Notes on Web Design". Unique, with content that genuinely have the feel of quick, yet inspired, notes covering topics such as: visual design, interactive design, typography, color theory, Web graphics, the development process, and useful resources (found via Interaction by Design)

  5. Mozilla 0.9.1 tips and Netscape 6.1

    A few things for anyone looking for a good Gecko-based browser:

  6. Trying to make money

    Looks like a comment I made on Buzz.ca has stirred the pot over at CANOE. As I told some of my former colleagues, the item wasn't intended mean-spiritedly, but more as a comment on how Web content sites are searching out ways to generate cash. I feel it's an especially relevant topic in light of what's happened with Spingboard.ca, the Automatic Media gang, and possibly Salon.

  7. The day my Web died

    The collapse of Automatic Media, Suck, Feed and Plastic, once three of the best sites online.

  8. Canadian community sites

    Despite an incredibly awkward title ('Digital gunslingers take aim for 'third sector' Web projects') an article in CanadaComputes is a good look at what's happening in the world of Canadian community/forum-based sites, such as Buzz.ca. Worth a read

  9. The next battle in the Browser Wars

    I knew this would happen: declare I'm not going to write for a bit only to stumble across something noteworthy.

  10. Plans for this site

    Things are going to be slow here for a bit, as we move into the QA phase of the new Ontario Science Centre Web site. Realize I haven't talked much about it (well, perhaps the odd rant), but it has definitely inspired a few ideas (some of which are evidenced in the new version of this site)….

  11. June 4, 2001

    The Condensed Net Glossary is now at version 3.0.2 (after ensuring the not found page would display, and fixing a minor bug which prevented a search on terms). Features include a search-based interface for those using the newest browsers

  12. Steel-toed shoes

    Ended up catching a cab to work because if I didn't I would've been an hour late (ended up being 20 minutes late). So, $17.75 (plus tip) later, I arrive at work just to catch the glimpse of a co-worker disappearing in the distance to buy the company-paid-for, steel-toe shoes.

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