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The day my Web died

One more company and two great sites collapse

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Excuse the language, but I remember what happened when another of my regular sites went on vacation. Though I deeply hope Suck, Feed, and Plastic don't share the same fate, my feeling isn't good.

These sites have been the first, and most enjoyed, of my daily destination for more years than I can remember. They are the standard-bearers for what real Web content is about: funny, smart, and community-based.

In a Suck-like dose of dark humour, this is the quote that appears reload after reload on Automatic Media's homepage:

This may be, at the last, a content model that works purely on the Web
—Inside Magazine

To lose them would be more than than the loss of a few bookmarks, it would be the ultimate blow to the Web's great potential. I've raved about Plastic before, Feed has been a leading practitioner of excellent online journalism, and Suck—Hit & Run, Polly, need I say more? To see these sites fail brings up macabre thoughts of the future of quality, independent content online.

And in a final dose of irony, today I received the course description for Ryerson's first official course in online journalism.