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Online media matters


October 2008’s Posts.

  1. Just the facts (and more)

    Open source can have a transformational effect for companies, and news organizations are starting to figure that out.

  2. CS Monitor replacing print with Web

    The 100-year-old news organization will cease publication of its printed newspaper in April 2009

  3. Delaying JavaScript execution

    A simple script to delay the execution of JavaScript when event's fire

  4. NYTimes.com visualization lab

    Equating it with reader comments, The New York Times invites readers to create their own visualizations of its data

  5. Cameras for guns

    The Toronto police are running an amnesty that offers Nikon Coolpix cameras for illegal handguns

  6. Multi-touch Firefox

    The gestures don't sound intuitive, but its a nice start to browsing the Web with your fingers

  7. Typocalypse

    A series of images revealing what a typeface really says

  8. CSS3 via JavaScript

    Eric Meyer sees JavaScript as a way to boot-strap CSS3 support in browsers

  9. TimesTags

    Millions of folksonomists rejoice at the availability of tagged NYTimes.com content

  10. Progressive Enhancement with CSS

    Excellent documenting a lot of the CSS tricks used to serve up style to browsers

  11. 100E2R

    Terrific case for having big, onscreen text

  12. 3D cube in JavaScript

    The simple approach could be a foundation for an impressive parallax effect

  13. Canadian election hangover

    With the Canadian 2008 election producing no real change, but a lower participation level, it might be time to look into voting alternatives.

  14. Election blackout in Canada

    Watching the election results not come in from the West coast of America is a surreal experience.

  15. Experience Design Manifesto

    Manifesto that uses the phrase "happiness" always concern me, but there are some kernels of potential in this

  16. Why newspapers endorse political parties

    J-Source looks into this more and more contentious concept

  17. Is that an endorsement?

    The Globe and Mail sort of, kind of, backs Stephen Harper for prime minister

  18. Sans Seriffee

    Map of the tiny archipelago discovered by English years ago

  19. Culture in Danger

    The extended, English-subtitled, of a political video that is, truly, laugh-out-loud, funny

  20. ALA@10

    A List Apart is a decade old, and the proprietor looks back on the institution

  21. Canadian Oxford Dictionary: RIP

    The entire staff has been laid-off putting the dictionary's future in grave doubt

  22. Poitical sound bites

    Jumping to key words in the U.S. debate (like Wall St.) videos exposes how prepped candidates are

  23. The Canadian political view

    "Capitalist free marketers, but believe in collective action, largely through governments, to achieve social, economic, environmental and other aims."

  24. 10 tips to solidify your business

    Advice for start-ups is also good for any company/business to consider

  25. The case for designing differently

    Andy Clarke argues that progressive enhancement is what we should be doing with CSS to move designs beyond IE6

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