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Online media matters


January 2001’s Posts.

  1. More changes for CANOE

    What Quebecor’s merger of CANOE and Netgraphe means.

  2. CBC’s new, new-media initiatives

    Bored with a repeated episode of CBC’s Ideas, I wandered through my bookmarks looking for some intelligent audio online. Too much stale content brought me back to the CBC and todradio.com. Tuned in and enjoyed an hour’s worth of technorealist-focused live audio. That lead me to CBC’s other new media initiatives: 120seconds.com, NMC, and Just Concerts. The Flash-heavy designs seem to be hiding some quality music, animations, and video shorts. Might make them part of my regular rounds.

  3. One-word: Plastic

    First off, my bias statement: I'm a big fan of the two of the sites launching this service. That being said, their new community site (based on the Slashdot.org engine) Plastic, could introduce open-source journalism. Despite pioneering the style, the “News for Nerds” nature of Slashdot created an sense that this was an exclusive group. Plastic wants to be more open. Essentially covering pop-culture news items, submitted in part by professional journalists, Plastic might encourage the average person to actively participate in the media fray. I’ve been skeptical about open-source journalism in the past, but a number of things I’ve seen in the past few months are changing my mind. Plastic will be an interesting site to watch and participate in.

  4. Using Colour on the Web

    his is not meant as the definitive guide about colour—or color—on the Web, but rather a brief overview about how to effectively use red, green and blue, as well as the Websafe palette.

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