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CANOE at eight; the frame spacing test

CANOE is now paddling into its eighth year. Despite all the hardships the site has been through, it is good to see that CANOE’s still online.

Matt Haughey has written a blogger-friendly introduction to Mozilla — worth a read if you still don’t “get” Mozilla and its siblings.

Haughey is perhaps best known for MetaFilter, the community blog The Morning News targets in a great parody. Although aimed at MetaFilter, the piece is true of meta-talk on any discussion group. It also illustrates one of the reasons why I prefer email-based discussion groups over Web-based ones: with email, you can easily take it offlist.

A week ago, Doug Bowman ranted about the problems with frames he (and others) encountered trying to build “valid” pages. The result is Doug’s latest service to the community: the Frame Spacing Test. Bookmark it, because one day you’ll need it.