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Online media matters


May 2001’s Posts.

  1. CANOE, meet NetGraphe

    Pierre Karl Peledeau's foray into convergence occured just as the markets peaked, and the move has left Quebecor $7 billion in debt. While the printing operations are in the black, the new media divison is $1.5 billion in the red, leaving Quebecor struggling to make payments. And on the heels of merging NetGraphe with CANOE in a bizarre reverse-IPO, the company's top brass are paying the Toronto troops a visit tomorrow.

  2. Weblogging journalists

    J.D. Lasica writes about blogging as it relates to journalism in his recent OJR column, which profiles a six weblogging journalist. As always, his column was a good read, but it was this month's opening that got me thinking.

  3. Navigating Web sites

    Found (via antenna) a fantastic resource on navigating Web sites. The site — done in a crisp, low-fi design — was created by Elizabeth Boling, who teaches graduate students in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University.

  4. Shift relaunches

    Shift relaunched (along with its print sibling) last week, and I've just now checked it out, unfortunately.

  5. The roll of On the Road

    On the way to a friend’s wedding Saturday, my own best man began talking about how Jack Kerouac’s On the Road was written on one, big, long scroll of paper.

  6. Exit ads are just bad

    Why its a bad idea to advertise to users when they leave the site.

  7. Convergence madness

    At what point does the trend toward media convergence become silly? Despite genuine concerns raised about the creating a homogenous media voice, the industry is caught in a "me-too" mindset.

  8. New-media grants

    Mark Evans has an interesting take on the government's plan to give the new-media industry $108 million. He argues, in his column on CANOE Money, that the plan is exactly what should not be done.

  9. Sun layoffs

    Pierre Karl’s bloodlust continues…. Quebecor has cut 302 positions from Canada's second largest newspaper chain, Sun Media. Media watchers should not be surprised by the announcement, given the signs:

  10. The nature of journalism

    Read a great essay/speech by Bill Moyer on the nature of journalism. Anyone wondering why public broadcasting is important should read this. In fact, anyone interested in media at all should read this

  11. Describing online editors

    In an article from the Content Spotlight, Gary Kebbel, director of AOL News, offered one of the better definitions of an online editor's job I've yet read:

  12. Mozilla 0.9 released

    Another reason for downloading, and developing to, the newest version Mozilla, the Gecko-based browser released today....

  13. Buzz.ca

    Missed the big picture of Buzz.ca completely when a former colleague of mine pointed out the Chrétienizer late last year.

  14. Portals for women

    Slipped into an article about Excite Canada firing 41 percent of its employees, was the seed of a intriguing story: the death spasms of the Canadian women's portals.

  15. Taxes; Contact; OSC redesign

    Beautiful sunny days have been the standard for the past while here in Toronto, thus partially explaining the lack of entries. But so to does:

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