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Gone alpha

The time has come, the tardy one said, to release this new design is only as an alpha. Finally, the key functionality is in place meaning there is once again feedback and comment forms; RSS feeds are now de rigeur, and the content is organized by topics. Most importantly, the site is no longer a mess of XSSI and is running off of a home-brewed CMS powered by CodeIgniter.

So if everything’s in place, why the alpha?

Key redirects are still messing (remember, cool URIs don’t change) and some content is not yet properly displayed (notably the tips and the glossary). As soon as those are in place, and any major reported bugs are resolved, the site will move to a beta — with links from every page of the old design pointing to their new version. The beta will also be broadcast to the subscribers of the long-dormant email list. Once any remaining issues from that release are resolved (and a mobile and print-friendly version of the site are done); the new saila.com will be unveiled to the world.

Keen eyes may have got a sneak peak at the new design (which will be changing, I only really like how it appears in the nightly WebKit builds) as I was setting up the alpha subdomain. There’s nothing spectacular with the visual look, but I was pleased the core worked out of the box in Firefox, Safari, and Opera. A few tweaks and IE 7 came into line. Internet Explorer 6 nearly three dozen new rules to even get it to behave.

Bug reports are more than welcome, as are design suggestions even if I can’t get the latter immediately. Have at it: alpha.saila.com