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Online media matters


February 2008’s Posts.

  1. Infographic: box office

    NYTimes.com demonstrates the ebb and flow of movie revenue.

  2. Eyetracking search forms

    Early findings into the effectiveness of come search form layouts.

  3. Eyetracking label placement

    Where are form labels most effective?

  4. Sasquatch 2008 lineup

    Unbelievable line-up for long-weekend music fest

  5. Keming

    A new typography term.

  6. Dimensions: xScope's killer

    The screen measurement feature of this little app is worth more than all the other features combined,

  7. Fire ravages Queen West

    Six-alarm fire destroys some of Toronto's great, independent stores.

  8. EveryBlock: the real story

    Rex Sorgatz talks to Adrian Holovaty about the super-hyper-local site

  9. Calis building the semantic Web?

    Reuters' little open-source project sounds almost too good to be true.

  10. Transcripts as video navigation

    NYTimes.com has a clever, easily searchable video navigation tool for the 2008 State of the Union

  11. Toronto.com: ten years of mediocracy

    BlogTO.com does a insightful analysis on the "city search" portal

  12. Revisitng Wired 1.1

    The founding editor, Louis Rossetto, responds to a very in-depth review of the magazines first issue.

  13. Award-winning newspaper design

    And who says print is dead?

  14. Good redesign numbers

    AOL's recent redesign shows how good design can lift the bottom line.

  15. New Xerox logo

    Shiny, and very "x" -- kinda reminds me a certain game console's logo in fact...

  16. Yahoo rejects Microsoft

    Yahoo Board claims the $44.6B undervalues the company. Yeah. Okay.

  17. No version switching for HTML5

    Says Chris Wilson, Platform Architect of the Internet Explorer Platform team.

  18. Principles of effective Web design

    Smashing assembles some genuinely good advice.

  19. Pay-asyou-throw garbage

    Toronto's new plan seems far more sensible than the one used in Seattle now

  20. Knight Rider revival

    This article contains enough interconnected pop cultural references to fry KITT's motherboard.

  21. IE8 preview at Mix08

    Not a huge surprise, but IE8 is now officially being previewed this March.

  22. sailaTV

    Yahoo! Live enables everyone to be just like Justin.

  23. Free book on digital literacy for journalists

    An excellent resource for online journalism as its practiced today.

  24. Time-merged media

    Kottke examines the manipulation o time on linear media.

  25. Obit: chicagocrime.org

    Holovaty's site, for me and many others, was one of the exemplary Web 2.0 sites.

  26. Toronto’s best Web evangelist

    The well deserving, TorCamp muse David Crow.

  27. TransitCamp II

    The successful TransitCamp will be mounted again, and this time will discuss transit issues in the Greater Toronto Area.

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