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Beta, baby

Welcome to the final stage of this prolonged redesign. Although “beta” is so Web 2.0, that is what this version is. There will still be some old links that are pointed in the wrong location, the design (such as it is) needs some further polish, some strange characters may pop-up, but essentially, it is done.

Along with the new look, the focus of the site is more tuned to longer, less frequently appearing articles. In addition, each of those articles are associated with topics that, in turn, reveal related articles and posts. The Living Can Kill You blog remains (as do other regular features, like the Main Page Rants and Web Design Tips), but notable links are more likely to appear as blogmarks. The CSS layout, one of the most enduringly popular features of saila.com, is still available but is now grouped with related content.

The URL structure has also been improved to make it more “REST”ful, allowing you to sort by date, category, and topic. Extending the ways you can access the site, there are now news feeds for the key sections; an enhanced print layout; and a planned mobile-friendly design. Finally, to better improve communication with the rest of the Web, saila.com is pinging Technorati with each new item posted and once again welcomes reader comments.

As you wonder through the site, if you notice something miss or have a suggested improvement, let me know — the more details you can offer the better I can improve the site for you.

Thank you for your patience, and I hope the site will offer more to you than it did before.