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July 27, 2004’s Posts.

  1. No consensus on design survey

    François Briatte did a survey. What he discovered is that key [W]eb sites agree on implicit, internalized layout and design norms. In a flurry of coincidental posts, the staff at webgraphics post three different views. The survey, variously:

  2. Registration pro: FT; registration con: Newsbot

    Registration is a buzzworthy topic these days, and I’ve just written a longer piece offering evidence for and against it.

  3. Get off the table

    Doug Bowman, after learning how many Web designers don’t use tables for layout, urges people to throw tables out the proverbial window. To bolster his case, he use the microsoft.com homepage to demonstrate the savings that can be achieved.

  4. WAT the?

    Just as the buts had begin to settle after Matthew Somerville–Odeon conflict, IBM releases a tool that converts normal Web sites automagically into accessible ones. The Web Adaptation Technology is a non-specific-site extension that is currently available only to a select audience, but it may inspire others to release a similar tool via open source

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