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Tables, djc leaves

When the Ontario Science Centre needed a new homepage fast, I, ironically, found myself resorting to a table-based layout.

Although I didn’t want to, I had no time to fight with Netscape 4.x. Using tables to position elements in that browser under a deadline is still easier for me (I’ve since built the layout in a tableless form but it hasn’t been moved out).

Despite this, CSS is the easiest way to do every other kind of visual formatting and I’m working hard to excise every last font tag along with any unnecessary tables.

You can help, too. Just replace your browser with the amazing new Mozilla release and free designers from using the clunky mark-up olderother browsers’ crave.

If you build Web pages, you can also help by avoiding the font element, embracing CSS, and—as I’m doing here and Steve Champeon argues in the New Architect—giving dHTML a try before jumping to proprietary solutions.

Daniel J. Cody is leaving the community he helped create—evolt.org. While the four-year-old developer community will surely carry on, djc’s presence will be missed.