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Online media matters


1998’s Posts.

  1. An Apology of Sorts…

    For the lack of updates and poor browser support of the Web standards.

  2. Webzines: Pulling money off the Net

    An article on how magazines are cashing in on the Web first published in Masthead during the fall of 1998.

  3. Any hope for online journalists?

    Thoughts on the future of Canadian online journalism.

  4. Book Review: Concrete Forest

    A review, first published in Mindjack, of a collection of urban Canadian fiction.

  5. The Odyssey

    A sentimental piece written the day before I leave for momentous trip.

  6. Technorealism

    Filtering the signal from the noise of Digital Hype.

  7. Creating the next journalists

    Online journalism enters Canadian J-schools