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Any hope for online journalists?

Got an email recently that got me thinking. I was asked whether there were any prospects for Net journalism.

Having experienced the birth, life, and death of one of Canada's first daily online journalism sites (a.k.a. The Convergence, I could say no. But I don't believe that.

Though there are not many opportunities for true online journalism in Canada, some sites are looking. CNET Canada and MSN are both thinking about hiring (or actively searching for) journalists to work online.

The Canadian Association of Journalist's national convention this April (not so coincidentally called "Convergence"), is devoting some special segments to online journalism. And some American webzines (notably Slate and Salon) are going to begin charging a subscription for content.

If the Canadian media companies are smart, they'll take advantage of this opportunity and launch some webzines now, before the American publications become to entrenched.

I ended up responding to the email by saying that new media journalism is still in its nascent stages, akin to TV in the late forties. But just because online—only journalists aren't in demand is no reason not to take up the craft (and yes I do believe it is a craft).

After all, what better chance do you have to do cutting edge journalism?