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Another redesign?!

"What, another redesign?" the loyal denizens of cry.

Yes, it is another resdesign. Something like the third this year. But I figure as the new media enterprises across this fine continent are suffering massive coronaries, better keep in shape.

That, and I've only got a 14.4 at home and it was taking too darned long to download the site—well, not really, I just didn't like the tiled background.

So there's a new look, and the sections have been clarified a bit, to showcase some of their contents. If any of you out there in Web-land what to comment on the new look, go right ahead. Anyone else, sit back and enjoy some in-depth stories about the new media world of online journalism.

And yes, as some have pointed out, the articles are long. And why is that? Because most were orginally published on paper. Want something composed solely for online display, try The Bytewriter, or go read The Convergence.

Still not satisfied, rant off.

(Hey, I managed to break one of my linking rules, from my upcoming paper on hypertext writing.)