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May 2008’s Posts.

  1. Goodbye Gardiner

    A sizable chunk Toronto's downtown highway will finally be torn down (now if only Seattle could do the same with I-5)

  2. Phiculator

    Easily calculate the golden mean

  3. IETester

    A Web designers dream: four versions of Internet Explorer in one interface

  4. Why HTML5's video tag is dumb

    Mike Chambers demos the efforts get Flash working with 'video' in HTML5

  5. Why ads fail online

    A solid explanation on why traditional advertising models don't work online

  6. Google aves your scripts

    Google volunteers to cache popular JavaScript libraries

  7. CBC being spammed?

    Looks like someone if try to clog the CBC with nuisance information requests

  8. The New York Times API

    First RSS and now this: the newspaper of record is hoping to allow others to mash-up its archive in a very atomic way.

  9. Translating Pork and Bean

    Weezer's new video broken do into its 24 parts

  10. Jane's brand timeline

    A clever portrait of a day rendered by the brands (and identifiably Torontonian)

  11. NYTimes and "link journalism"

    Scott Karp shows how true online journalism can work

  12. Newsroom Barometer 2008

    A survey of a news editors throughout the globe on what they think online news trends will be

  13. Client-side storage without cookies

    Not really sure how this works, but it could come in very handy

  14. Canada finally gets movie downloads

    Bell Canada has stuck a deal that lets Canadians rent movies online for too much money

  15. TimesMachine replaces microfiche

    If you don't know what microfiche is, then just know this is the far better way to browse old newspapers

  16. Virtual hosting into Parallels

    Simple how-to for viewing locally hosted Web sites in a Mac and Windows environment

  17. "3.0" jumps the shark

    William Morris has launched a new division called Agency 3.0

  18. Love hates Cobain

    Nirvana is reuniting for Sub Pop's 20th anniversary show. In Redmond, WA. Home of Microsoft. No more should be said.

  19. Webmonkey is back!

    The best Web building site of the '90s has been resurrected

  20. Over simplifying it

    The 37signas entry on the best design agency site is right; the inspirational site however is an absolute joke (it is a joke, right?)

  21. Capitol Hill Arts Center moving

    The CHAC is leaving its current location and hoping to buy its own; Crave stays, though

  22. Type: Metallophile Sp8

    Looking at 1950s era flash cards on Saturday, I wished for a digital version of that printed lettering - here it is.

  23. Political fonts

    Explaining the power of type in political campaigns

  24. AGO logos over time

    The new one strains my eyes, Bruce Mau did a far better job in 1997

  25. Credit card logos

    A collection to fit just about any design need

  26. CBS gets CNET and the best domains

    PaidConent.org notes the amazing domain names CBS gets with its US$1.8B CNET purchase

  27. Cubescape

    Build anything with isometric boxes jQuery thanks to Cameron Adams

  28. Knight News Challenge 2008 winners

    One Canadian and one creator of the World Wide Web among the winners

  29. Ex-CBC editor-in-chief jumps to Al-Jazeera

    Tony Burman joins fellow Canuck Avi Lewis at the news network

  30. Da Vinci's Inquest coming back

    Probably one of the best drama's aired on Canadian TV is returning for a couple of hours

  31. Google Doctype

    An open compendium of the best Web practices, spearheaded by Mark Pilgrim

  32. Timelapse CSS

    Curious little demo showing CSS rules plaed one by one to a plain HTML page

  33. Times Reader coming to the Mac

    Finally, the news reader is ported to Mac via Silverlight

  34. Session variables without cookies

    Impressive research on a method I once used to circumvent cross-site security

  35. Yahoo! Internet Location Platform

    Cataloguing all the places in the world in one open API

  36. Descendent selectors slow CSS rendering

    But by such a miniscule amount, it is important to remember that better performance != best practice

  37. The Real Homer Simpson

    Amazing (and creepy) rendering of what Homer Simpson would look like were he flesh-and-blood

  38. User Interface Resource Center

    Articles and links on UI and RIA design

  39. Eric's Trip playing SP20

    The Sub Pop 20th anniversary party now includes on of Canada's best lo-fi bands

  40. Unobtrusive JavaScript with jQuery

    Links and resources from a three hour tutorial presented by Simon Willison

  41. Opera Dragonfly released

    The new Web development tool is still an alpha but is big step forward for Opera

  42. Canadians forget the iPhone...

    The Zune is finally coming to Canada! (Thus becoming the first non-U.S. market to enjoy Microsoft's iPod clone.)

  43. Tom. Waits.

    The man announces his tour in a way only he could

  44. Canada shuts down Access to Information database

    Harper's government has shutdown a free database journalists, politicians and others used to find publicly available documents

  45. Nielsen improves metrics

    At least in that they now claim to track combined mobile and PC Web use

  46. HTML-parsing JavaScript

    Imppressive script reads and builds HTML on the client-side

  47. Google's design principles

    Nice to see user experience goals played so prominently

  48. The real power of CSS

    An unbelievable animation of Homer Simpson done in basic HTML and CSS.

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