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February 2007’s Posts.

  1. Mesh 2007 announced

    Canada's "Web 2.0" conference has just been announced for this year.

  2. Flash image replacements

    Use to rotate images, add drop shadows, and other effects simply.

  3. Newspapers better than TV for Web video

    The unbiased take on video may help newspapers beat television on the Web.

  4. The Machine is Us/ing Us

    Pretentious, possibly. Illustrative, definitely.

  5. Daily You

    Smart personalization with tags at Pegasus News

  6. The Complete New Yorker on a hard-drive

    Move from eight DVDs to one, fast hard-drive.

  7. The Mozilla Manifesto

    The Manifesto sets out a vision of the Internet as a piece of infrastructure that is open, accessible and enriches the lives of individual human beings.

  8. Comment on The Economist's letters to the editor

    How meta.

  9. Web Directions North, Wrap-up

    Right now, I’m wearing a sweater, inside a chilly room in snow-covered Toronto…

  10. Netscape 9 coming

    To be released on Windows, Macintosh and Linux, Netscape 9 will be built by Netscape and based on Firefox.

  11. Cancel WCAG 2.0

    Joe Clark's open letter to the W3C asking it to cancel WCAG 2 (he announced it at Web Directions North)

  12. Wish list for IE.next

    The WaSP presented it's "must-fix" list for IE to Microsoft and the reception was positive.

  13. Sunny Vancouver

    Right now, I’m wearing in a (Digg) t-shirt, on a sun-soaked patio at the corner of Robson and Bute in Vancouver. The incredible Web Directions North conference is over, the skiing in Whistler (for me) is done, and now I have the next nine-hours to explore the city before returning (on a red-eye) to icy, cold Toronto.

  14. Web Directions North, Day 1

    The first official day of Web Directions North is now done; and despite my bias, Dave Shea, Derek Featherstone, Maxine Sherrin, and John Allsopp all deserve our collective thanks. What started as the musings on some blogs, has evolved into a stellar conference in the very fog-heavy city Vancouver.

  15. Toronto Transit Camp

    The theme for 2007 in Toronto’s blogging, Web development, and urban spaces crowd has been the state of the TTC’s Web site, and now today the TorCamp community is doing something about it. All day at the Gladstone Hotel, nearly 100 people from those groups will be participating in TransitCamp — an unconference on all the things transit related.

  16. Concert calendar

    iTunes plug-in that generates a concert calendar for your city based on music in your library

  17. TTC re-opens RFP for Web site

    Bloggers get the previously closed RFP for revamping the TTC Web site reopened.

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