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Toronto Transit Camp

The theme for 2007 in Toronto’s blogging, Web development, and urban spaces crowd has been the state of the TTC’s Web site, and now today the TorCamp community is doing something about it. All day at the Gladstone Hotel, nearly 100 people from those groups will be participating in TransitCamp — an unconference on all the things transit related.

Besides being something tapping into three of my big passions, it also represents the first time TorCamp has devoted its full resources to tackle a social poilicy issue (although there was a great design slam to address a solution to the megabins). Being a BarCamp event, you can follow the happenings on the TransitCamp wiki, which will be updated throughout the day.

If you couldn’t make this one, take heart; there’s a fantastic DemoCamp planned for Monday (I’ll be missing it due to conflicts with my travel times to Vancouver for Web Directions North).