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Living Can Kill You


I bought a Mac.

After years of running Windows, I finally made the switch. And no it had nothing to do with Justin Long’s presence or absence in the new latest ad campaigns. The final straw was Boot Camp — running Windows on a Macintosh offered me the safety net needed. My collection of Windows apps would not have to be tossed. Testing on Internet Explorer wouldn’t warrant running a whole other computer. Yet, I could be freed from the growing obesity of Windows.

Although I cut my computing teeth on Commodore products (remember the PET?), the Apple II and Macintosh were a constant presence up until the mid-nineties. But with the advent of Windows 95 and the ease of upgrading the hardware of a PC, combined with the problems with direction of Apple and its operating system, I had no real love for Macs.

Then focus returned with Jobs, OS X came out, the cost difference lessened, and, well Apple seemed to take Wired’s advice. Inertia held me to Windows for a a few more years, and then, yesterday, the Microsoft operating system’s bloat finally slowed my computer to a crawl.

So, I bought a Mac — a 24-inch iMac, to be exact.

The only downside: the Apple Store only carries the basic models, and I wanted more than that. But after more than a decade, what’s a couple of weeks?