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July 2002’s Posts.

  1. Uncle Sam wants your email

    Canada Post’s epost offers every Canadian a free, secure, spam-free email account. Unfortunately the system is a one-to-many service for sending bills and catalogs from less than 60 organizations to the 210,000 people who have signed up. (An early review of the service by Chuck McKinnon offers a good description of the service and some its usability problems.)

  2. Synchronicity

    Sometimes coincidences happen at such a perfect moment, it’s as they share a connecting principle.

  3. csschallenge.com

    Tim Parkin’s csschallenge.com plans to be a site to offer layouts for CSS evangelists (like me) and those favouring tables to work on. After he posted the link on css-discuss a number of people met the challenge.

  4. Bizarro SoundScan; CANOE redesigns

    When SoundScan debuted — about ten years ago — it radically changed the top 40 genre, as its rankings are based on sales. The CDDB could therefore be the Bizzaro version of SoundScan as it records how often an album is played. The differences are subtle — as you can see by comparing the resulting Digital Top Ten list with the Billboard 200 — but important.

  5. MSN smarts; Google art; and webcasting fees

    Seems some MSN TV (née Web TV) users have been falling for a prank email that changes their dialup number from the ISP’s to 911. Not going to make any comment that might reinforce any stereotypes about certain types of Net users…

  6. July 23, 2002

    Fixed an annoyingly persistent JavaScript bug that only appeared on the homepage in IE 6. Also removed the text-scaling feature, again, because I was unhappy with the results, again

  7. Mozilla 1.1 beta; TIPS; working with Digital Web

    Mozilla 1.1 beta has been released.

  8. Lycos Europe and Web standards; JPEG fallout

    Word is spreading fast about Lycos Europe’s planned switch to a valid XHTML/CSS page layouts. Lycos Germany has rolled-out the new look (though it uses tables for layout due to a high portion of Netscape 4.x users), but a version of the valid layout is being showcased at Thor Larholm’ site.

  9. McLuhan’s birthday

    Today would be Marshall McLuhan’s 91st birthday.

  10. JPEG patented?!

    How come it took almost 15 years for Forgent to clarify “its licensing program regarding…JPEG data compression technology”? Is it because there are only two hits on Google for “US Patent No. 4,698,672” (one of them is a news story about this issue) and none them are for Forgent?


    Been busy working on a draft mission site for the new group, MACCAWS — Making A Commercial Case for Adopting Web Standards. Stay tuned for more about it and some proof old dogs can learn new tricks

  12. July 16, 2002

    Josh Feingold alerted me to a problem in IE 5.0/Windows. Apparently it has a similar problem with the tools menu as IE 5.5/Windows did. Unfortunately it looks to have a different solution, which, until found, means IE 5.0/Windows users won’t be able to see the tools menu.Gecko-based browsers should be able to scale the font size (again) by resizing the browser. Though it also works on IE, I don’t like the visual result (there’s a flash before the text is resized) so until that is solved it will remain Gecko-only

  13. Email issues; war on terrorism; and who’s phoned?

    Lost all email sent to me yesterday thanks to a system-wide crash, so if you sent me a message can you please resend it? Thanks.

  14. July 12, 2002

    For the first time in recent memory, a version of a Netscape browser is now the second most common browser used to visit this site. The good news, it’s identified as Netscape 6. Opera 6 also breaks into the top five. Here are the top 10, by percentage:

  15. Welcome Netscape users; CanWest gives up

    For the first time in recent memory, a version of a Netscape browser is now the second most common browser used to visit this site. The good news, it’s identified as Netscape 6. (View the list of the top 10 browsers.)

  16. Deep-linking

    Venting: people, especially journalists, who oppose deep-linking confound me

  17. Online banking taking off

    Couldn’t access Google for a little while today, so Hugh Blair (via thelist) recommend I try the Google mirror. Glad I did.

  18. July 8, 2002

    An addition to style switcher caused IE 5.5/Windows to not load this site. The problem, pointed out by “ecd” on css-discuss, relates to a bug I’d encountered before in that browser, but forgotten about. It should now be fixed

  19. eBay buys PayPal; new leaders

    The little company that began as a nifty way to share money via Palm devices, has been bought by the Web site that began as a way to trade Pez dispensers. Though both systems deal in hard dollars, this long-expected deal could prove to become a stronger beachhead for the cashless society.

  20. Best of Europe; TechStuff.ca

    Europe has picked its best in online journalism. Although BBC News Online did quite well, a number of independent and non-English services won as well. The justification for the awards should be read by every one of the so-called “big, traditional media institutions.”

  21. Rebuilding with, and without, CSS

    Christopher Schmitt explains how to change table-based sites into CSS-based ones, using Digital Web as an example. Although the results aren’t pixel perfect (and in fact the navigation is a bit off), the techniques he uses are excellent.

  22. Net access; Gecko DOCTYPE snifffing

    Here’s a couple of administrative-type stories that could have a big effect on how we access and use the Net:

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