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January 2005’s Posts.

  1. Media Bistro redesigns

    Now includes five Denton-fighting blogs.

  2. CBC.ca Arts redesigns

    Stylish standards-based, CSS layout holds the promise of good content.

  3. Blogs won’t change the world

    Jack Shafer says what the open-source journalists/bloggers don’t want to hear.

  4. RSS recommendation reader

    This Web-based RSS aggregator also acts as a simple recommendation service.

  5. Best American online newspapers

    The Newspaper Association of America just released its 2005 Digital Edge Award Finalists.

  6. Giving them what they want

    A List Apart offers some ideas for pleasing Web site visitors.

  7. Scrivs sells CSS Vault

    The price is cited, in his enigmatic way, as $XX,XXX. If true, that’s a hefy bit of cash for a gallery site.

  8. Online ad boom

    Dow Jones has revealed the real reason for the MarketWatch purchase: the financial site was bought to ease a potential ad inventory crunch. The company spent six times MarketWatch’s 2004 revenue to be sure it gets some of the U.S.$10 billion online advertising spending.

  9. Canadian New Media Awards return

    No mention on the site, but an email suggested they were looking for nominations.

  10. Amazon.ca opens to Web services

    The Canada site releases its API.

  11. Akin to the Hill

    Long-time technology reporter moves to CTV’s Parliamentary bureau.

  12. GeoCities or CSS Zen Garden?

    Scarily enough, it’s all real…

  13. Quoting in Canada

    Joe Clark covers everything you need to know about citing other work in Canada online.

  14. Gillmor on the end of objectivity

    Dan Gillmor posts a draft of an essay on the irrelevance of objectivity in journalism.

  15. Ta-da: a to-do list

    37signals release a sub-component of Basecamp: a Web-based to-do list that’s brilliantly simple.

  16. Carnivore dies

    American law enforcement has abadoned its Internet surveillance technology.

  17. News and blogger comment

    This news aggregator appends blogger’s comments about each story.

  18. Choosing the Word of the Year

    A story only a language obsessive could enjoy.

  19. Copyright killing culture

    The Globe and Mail has a provocative article on how copyright is destroying documentaries.

  20. Musical pablum

    Using AI, music labels are now able to predict the next charting-topping track.

  21. Slashdot on the future of online news

    The uber-geeks riff on what the future of news on the Internet will be like.

  22. Real-world accessibility guidelines

    A fantastic collection of guidelines built after watching people who actually work with screen readers regularly.

  23. Anti-Hit List Star-bound?

    Seems like my former co-worker is going to our former competition. Good on, Sakamoto.

  24. The 2004 Canadian Blog Award winners

    Like a high school election, it’s all about popularity.

  25. Bill Doskoch on Canada’'s first maga-paper

    The Sunday Toronto Star rejigged itself to be more like a magazine.

  26. The New York Times flirts with paid subscriptions

    Rumour has it that the The New York Times is planning on doing what The Globe and Mail did (partially) four months ago: introduce a subscription fee to read it online. Unlike here in Canada, the critics are quite vocal.

  27. Find contributions to Canadian political parties

    Find out who your boss (or family) is giving to.

  28. The future of the Internet

    Experts tell Pew what they thik the Net will be like for us in a decade.

  29. Village Voice embraces online

    Weekly print publication now publishing daily online.

  30. Editor of Maclean's resigns

    Anthony Wilson-Smith decides to leave the magazine after a series of high-level shake-ups.

  31. How online newspapers are remaking themselves

    Online newspapers are reshaping themselves to better accomadate blogs and RSS.

  32. A National Web library

    Michael Geist proposes Canada be the first country in the world to create a comprehensive national digital library.

  33. The creators of CSS

    A mini-history lesson on the origins CSS

  34. Zed now open source

    The software built to power CBC TV’s great, late night show is now open source.

  35. Steps to open online newspapers

    Greensboro News & Record gets some great advice on how to make its Web site more “open source”

  36. Technorati tracks keywords

    The innovation improves Technorati’s service tremendously.

  37. Complex table inspector

    Ever since I diteched tables for layout, I’ve tried to make true tables as accessible as possible. This bookmarklet exposes the metadata of those tables.

  38. Wikipedia defence

    Clay Shirky rebuts anti-elitism criticism.

  39. CanWesties paid to advertise

    Employees at CanWest get up to $3,600 a year to turn their car into a moving ad.

  40. Wikipedia criticism

    The “anti-elitism” issues reflect my concerns about citizen journalism.

  41. 2004 Canadian blog awards

    Most of those I don’t even know, but hey…

  42. The 2005 colour forecast

    Purples, browns, desaturateds, and trippy tints.

  43. Looking back to the year that 2004 was

    The Internet turned 35 this year yet somehow 2004 managed to create an air of excitement about the medium’s potential. The sense of possibility is almost as rich as it was a decade ago. In fact, some of this year’s trends harken back to then, too. Read my year-in-review for 2004

  44. BLC’s Year in Review

    Better Living Centre reviews the media year that was.

  45. Banished words for 2005

    Includes election jargon, “blog,” and “safe and effective.”

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