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June 2011’s Posts.

  1. Aggregating news well

    Some strategies for integrating aggregation into a news organizations reporting routine

  2. Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

    A beautifully crafted children's book for the digital age

  3. Toronto police on the G20

    Reviewing their actions, police find they could have done more with more officers at the G20 one-year ago

  4. Knight News Challenge 2011 winners

    Once again, an impressive selection of digital journalism projects selected by the Knight Foundation

  5. Afghan detainee files

    The Globe and Mail is asking for help to review the 4,000 pages of documents released by the government

  6. Canada's National Magazine award winners

    Ahem...listed as a PDF...in 2011

  7. On the Network manifesto

    Ten principles to reset expectations about the internet (and an 11th that made me change my style)

  8. Global TV opening its data

    Data resulting from Freedom of Information being released to the general public - this a huge step

  9. Lorem Pixum

    A dummy image generator for any size or topic

  10. Subscriber surprise

    The New York Times offers digital subscribers an exclusive, inside baseball story newsletter

  11. EveryBlock's visual evolution

    The originator of visualization of data on Google Maps looks back

  12. Future comes to the web

    Typekit unveils a web licence for the most modern of all type families

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