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Online media matters


July 30, 2004’s Posts.

  1. The value of a protest

    Responding to another writer’s complaints against public protests.

  2. Willingness to get personalized

    A “personalization technology platform provider” recently surveyed some Americans and found that a large majority wanted personalized content online. Not surprisingly, their desire dropped when asked if they’d be willing to supply information about their preferences. When asked about supplying demographic data, interest dropped even more.

  3. Resurrection

    Webmonkey, like the Netscape browser, looks to be back from the dead. I happened to hit the site today and noticed it was on the “wired.com” domain instead of a directory of “hotwired.lycos.com”. Plus there’s this note: “We’re totally back! Webmonkey is alive and kicking, serving up new articles all hot-n-fresh like a stack of banana pancakes. With syrup.” The site will has been publishing new articles every other Friday since the beginning of July:

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