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Two tutorials

There are many self-styled tutorials on Web building on the Web — probably more tutorials than developers. That being said, occassionally one emerges worth a bookmark from even the most cynical “seen-it-all” crowd. Rarely do two appear, but that’s what has happened.

The first is Ben Hunt’s. Hunt worked for months on the 60 tutorials and case studies on what he calls “the essential skills of designing effective Web sites.” Web Design from Scratch is an exceptional collection for Web designers of all skill levels and is filled with strong writing build on solid fundamentals.

Web developers will appreciate Peter Kantor’s Web Tutorials built from a collection of online notes that have been developed for a series of classes [he] teaches on various aspects of Web content development, Web design and programming for the Web. Kantor covers everything, almost literally: from Net history to site design to HTML to XSL to PHP and MySQL.