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February 2006’s Posts.

  1. Microsoft updates for Eolas

    Internet Explorer gets an unwanted upgrade thanks to the Eolas patent.

  2. Da Vinci’s autopsy

    Nicholas Campbell and Chris Haddock discuss the death of the Da Vinci franchise.

  3. Pick your own TV channels

    The CRTC will allow Canadians to pick-and-choose they channels they want.

  4. Wall Street Journal on The Globe and Mail

    According to The Wall Street Journal, The Globe is being saved by its crazy front pages.

  5. Should Canada be in Afghanistan?

    Globeandmail.com is hosting an online debate with its readers and MPs from three of the four parties (the gov't opted out).

  6. Alice is the brains behind CBC

    John Doyle savages the CBC’s recent decisions about TV drama.

  7. How hard is the blogosphere of Leah McLaren?

    Bill Doskoch does some digging to see what turned Ms McLaren off blogs.

  8. Joe Clark on TorCamp DesignSlam

    Joe sums up the events of the first of what I hope will be many DesignSlams.

  9. The Times breaks the Social Scene

    The New York Times profiles Toronto’s band of bands.

  10. All rich-media patented

    U.S. Patent No. 7,000,180 covers all rich-media technologies accessed over the Net. This includes Flash, Java, and Ajax.

  11. Dow Jones merging print and online

    The publisher of The Wall Street Journal will merge its print and online operations. Now it’s a real trend.

  12. Two Toronto online events

    Lately the posts here have been more idea-based than anything else, this one is not; rather it’s plugging two Toronto-area events.

  13. MS Paint + too much time

    Freakin’ impressive hand-drawn MS Paint image.

  14. Newspaper grasp for the young

    Salon examines the newspaper industry∍s reach the youth demographic.

  15. Is CBC stupid!?

    Canada’s public broadcaster has cancelled the only two dramas I watch anymore: This is Wonderland and Da Vinci’s City Hall.

  16. 2006 Juno nominees

    Arcade Fire’s 2004 album is nominated, but only for a video and songwriting. Other nods are more comfortably mainstream.

  17. The Firefox memory leak

    Apparently its a feature, although the memory doesn’t seem to be freed once tabs are closed.

  18. Camino 1.0 released

    The pre-cursor to Firefox has finally hit 1.0.

  19. Journalism technological evolutions

    Jack Shafer comments on how technology has always forced the newspaper industry to evolve, often unwillingly.

  20. Reimagining the news

    Jeff Jarvis’s series on how to reshape the newspaper.

  21. The real news algorithm

    Cost vs. price is the real reason behind the media’s decisions when it comes to its products. The Web is no different.

  22. Including SVG inline

    Steven Garrity explains how to best include Scalable Vector Graphics in a Web page.

  23. Extend Firefox Contest Finalists


  24. Running a standalone IE7 Beta 2 Preview

    Involves making a small batch file, but it seems to make running the new Internet Explorer fine.

  25. Yahoo! User Interface Library

    Nice collection of dynamic events. Perhaps to become the de facto library?

  26. Yahoo grades browser support

    I like the model of C-, A, and X-support. Been using it for years, but this explains it all.

  27. Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

    Nice patterns established by Yahoo!

  28. Video: “Queen Street Man”

    It’s funny #8217;cause it’s true; still no “Spadina Bus”

  29. Flash Journalism

    Behind the loud intro is a wealth of resources for creating multimedia journalism online.

  30. Q&A on the globeandmail.com’s redesign

    Angus Frame, the editor of globeandmail.com, and designer Adrian Norris are taking questions about the new design at 1 p.m. EST, Feb. 7, 2006.

  31. The Holy Grail of CSS layout

    This is a pretty clever solution to the three-column + footer layout test.

  32. CSS support in IE7

    Like the title of the page says, it’s Microsofts record of Cascading Style Sheet Compatibility in Internet Explorer 7.

  33. css-discuss documents IE7

    The css-discuss community was set-up a Wiki page to dissect Internet Explorer 7.

  34. Commenting on the globeandmail.com redesign

    Globeandmail.com opens up its popular ocmments feature to let people sound-off on the redesign — so far more than 300 have.

  35. Mr. Greenspon on redesigning globeandmail.com

    The Editor-in-chief of the newspaper introduces the new Web site.

  36. Lessons from working with Web standards

    During the past five months I’ve been working on a project that’s been alluded to on this site a few times, and it will very soon be done. Once things settle down, I’ll be going into a lot more detail, but for now I’ll tease out a few things I’ve discovered:

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