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Online media matters


October 18, 2006’s Posts.

  1. Earth will survive...

    ...If ever last one of us disappeared right now.

  2. Eric Sorensen moves to Global

    The longtime CBC reporter is leaving to be Global's Washington bureau chief

  3. Multiple, standalone Internet Explorers

    Install Internet Explorer 7 as your default browser, then use this package to run IE 3 - IE 6

  4. Internet Explorer 7 released

    Get the looooong awaited new browser Microsoft.

  5. Securing identity online

    Although The Globe and Mail article suggests it could end spam, the Seven Laws of Identity have little to do with unsolicited bulk email. What the framework could do — which Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s privacy commissioner, endorsed and extended today — is reduce spam while protecting what data companies can collect about us. (For a nice summary, download the brochure — or download the full white-paper for more details.)

  6. The Exclusion of Garth Turner

    Garth Turner and I have a history.

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