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Online media matters


April 10, 2006’s Posts.

  1. Time's up for Time Canada

    The Canadian edition of Time will be produced without any staff working in Canada.

  2. Envision Torono

    An art project that ties Flickr, Google Maps and Toronto together.

  3. Antique anatomical illustrations

    Anatimoia hosts 4,500 full page plates and illustrations created from 1522 to 1867.

  4. Syndicating blogs

    BlogBurst will begin syndicating commentary from 600 bloggers to newspapers.

  5. If newspapers are to survive...

    The Globe and Mail calls it reimagination, Tim Porter calls it reinvention.

  6. Prototyping Ajax

    A guide to how Particletree develops Ajax apps.

  7. Disney offering TV free on Web

    The shows will be available on the Web the morning after they air and will have unskipable commericals. Could work.

  8. Google killed the clever news headline

    Headline style has been slowly altered by the search agents scouring the digital world.

  9. The New York Times and blogging

    The newspapers public editor comments on the ethics around blogging.

  10. W3C doing XMLHttpRequest

    A draft specification from the W3C for the technology that makes Ajax work

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