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Going west, and north for Web Directions North

For the past dozen years, my professional life has revolved around two fields: one well-established, the other emerging. And in the past few years the intersection of the two — journalism and the Internet, respectively — has begun changing the business landscape of both.

This coming February, at Web Directions North, I’ll be talking about how the traditional media outlets are embracing the Web, and in turn, how the Web is reshaping every part of how those outlets operate. (My co-presenter during the session is Adrian Holovaty, the editor of editorial innovation at WashingtonPost.com.) Despite that summary, don’t expect a cheerleading session on Web 2.0. Nor will I be heralding the citizen journalism revolution. Instead, expect real-world stories of the failures and successes of using Web technologies within a strangely conservative industry.

In the coming months, I’ll be fleshing out more details of my talk here, but in the meantime, you should register now for the conference. There’s been a desire for serious Web development conference in Canada for quite a while, and thanks to the efforts of Dave Shea, Derek Featherstone, Maxine Sherrin, and John Allsopp we now have one that’s shaping up to be the best of its kind for 2007.