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January 2006’s Posts.

  1. Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 is out

    Okay, what do we think?

  2. He’s not Dave Shea

    Ironically, when the CSS Zen Garden launched I (and Doug Bowman, I think) misspelled Shea’s name.

  3. fifth estate online

    Watch some of the best documentaries, for free, on the CBC’s fifth estate site

  4. What we use in our Web pages

    Google has analyzed the HTML used to build the Web pages of the world, and the results are quite interesting.

  5. IE 7 Beta 2 leaked to Web

    The latest beta of Internet Explorer (supposedly the one with the fixes) is now in the wild. Officially relase to come?

  6. Paul Martin resigning as Liberal leader

    Let the horse race begin. Will it be Ignatieff, Stronach, a Chrétien-ite?

  7. NDP make big gains

    Looks like the NDP did as good as they were hoping this time, and their members will help keep the Conservatives in check.

  8. CBC: Conservative minority

    Damn, damn, double damn.

  9. Election 2006 Mashup

    Wiki, meets Google Map, meets poll of the Canadian election.

  10. Results by riding

    Track the country, a province, or region by riding during the 2006 Canadian election.

  11. Track your riding

    Follow your riding in the 2006 Canadian election.

  12. Canadians vote today

    And if you need some help picking the best party (ahem, not Conservative) use this tool and discover which party platforms you agree with.

  13. Firefox Extension: FireBug


  14. Firefox 2.0 Roadmap

    Ben Goodger outlines the plans for 2.0, which involve only user-interface enhancements.

  15. The first failed redesign of 2006?

    The Canadian New Media Awards site fails to meet any of Joe Clark’s criteria.

  16. Enlarging images on the page

    Very simple little JavaScript that does exactly whatever I never had the time to build.

  17. Safari gets a DOM Inspector

    Now if only Opera would follow suit…

  18. Getting abbreviations right

    Years ago I dipped my toes in these waters. Colin Lieberman goes deep.

  19. An expert-based Wikipedia

    The Digital Universe feels, in everything, almost a decade late.

  20. Peter C. Newman on the Canadian election campaign

    His typically colourful analysis argues that our democracy is teetering on the brink.

  21. JavaScript debugger for Internet Explorer

    I am really, really hating IE right now, but this debugger may improve my temperament slightly.

  22. iWeb makes bad Web code

    HTML and CSS output look to be almost as bad as the stuff produced by FrontPage.

  23. Behind the myth of newspapers

    Michael Kinsley examines newspapers and muses on their future in this excellently written commentary.

  24. CBC News to be hip

    A logo change and some feature changes are in store Monday on Canada’s public broadcaster to make it more “cool”.

  25. Eight-year-old reporters?

    I know its a PR stunt, but c’mon…

  26. Irving Layton dead at 93

    One of Canada’s greatest 20th century poets has died.

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