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Online media matters


December 2006’s Posts.

  1. HTML5 elements and attributes

    A list of the new tags proposed by WHATWG for HTML5

  2. Adobe documents CSS quirks

    New site host a site for sharing and finding tips on CSS issues.

  3. TheStar.com redesigns

    Gets rid of its past CMS in favour of something cleaner (called "TOPS"), has user comments, and short URLs!

  4. Firefox and the Acid 2 test


  5. The first YouTube response

    The Globe and Mail has gotten what may be its first YouTube-based reader response to one of its articles.

  6. Reaction to Stéphane Dion's win

    Globeandmail.com commentors react to the surprise choice for the new leader of the Liberal party.

  7. Rick Mercer blogging the Liberal convention

    Comedian and political animal Rick Mercer observes the Liberals at the Montreal convention.

  8. CBC goes local, again

    The news dep't is refocussing on local news once more.

  9. Death of newspapers foretold

    Jack Shafer explains that the industry new it was in trouble three decades ago.

  10. Future of personalized news

    An interview with Calvin Tang (Newsvine) about truly personalizing the news

  11. Run IE6 and IE7 on one machine

    Microsoft releases a virtual PC image that doesn't require another copy of Windows license to run the two browsers.

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