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Online media matters


December 7, 2004’s Posts.

  1. Time for a new Net?

    The Christian Science Monitor wonders if the 35-year-old Internet needs a facelift.

  2. XStandard supports Firefox

    The XHTML WYSIWYG is now Firefox-friendly.

  3. Advertising without hockey

    The New York Times, of all places explains how the lock-out has hurt the TV industry.

  4. As if it wasn’t conservative enough…

    Clear Channel Communications (who banned the Dixie Chicks) will use Fox News Radio to provide national news for most of its news and talk stations.

  5. The future of RSS advertising

    Jason Kottke surveys the users and developers of RSS aggregators to find out.

  6. Firefox users don’t click on ads

    Of course there’s a litany of reasons for this, savviness being just one.

  7. Marqui on a slippery slope

    Paying bloggers to create a buzz about a product could backfire.

  8. Thunderbird 1.0

    Mozilla’s excellent mail client is ready for its close up.

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