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August 2001’s Posts.

  1. SirCam for Craig

    Weird thing just happened. Got a typical SirCam infected message, but this one had my name on it — literally.

  2. August 30, 2001

    Keeping with the fluid design of the site, the text scales proportionately to the width of the browser when you resize the browser. Fonts too big? Narrow the browser or decrease the size in the Option menu. Too small? Do the opposite

  3. Internet Explorer 6.0 released

    The new Internet Explorer has officially been released. If you’e using Windows 98 and up, I urge you to download the browser. You don’t even have to use it as your default browser (though if you’re not. I hope your using Netscape 6.1/Mozilla or Opera — if not, what are you waiting for?).

  4. August 30, 2001

    There was a problem entering the front page of the site if cookies cannot be set. It should be fixed now. (Noticed by pointed out by Matthew Howard on August 25, 2001)

  5. Commuter paper shake-up

    Well, with the Post sold and speculation on its future running high in forums like the Canadian Association of Journalists email list, the next victim may be Sun Media’s free commuter paper, FYI. Just look at the signs:

  6. CanWest buys all of Post

    The timing of the announcement was a surprise, the move really wasn’t. Conrad Black made it pretty clear that he wanted to get out of the Canadian news business when he started dumping his papers here. But selling his “baby”, the National Post, to the Liberal Asper’s does not bode well for the future of the conservative paper. Either it will be remodeled into a national equivalent of The Toronto Star or it will die as a full-on competitor to The Globe and Mail. Let the speculation begin

  7. August 30, 2001

    Because of problems in Opera’s implementation of the DOM, the browser will display the old template temporarily. (Noticed by pointed out by Mimi Haung on August 19, 2001)

  8. Blocking pop-ups with Mozilla

    On WebDesign-L, there’s been a passionate debate about "X10 ads" — those annoying ads for a Web camera company that a small window beneath the current window. Some argue that, like banner ads before, people will get used to pop-up and pop-under ads; most believe, to varying degrees, they are the work of the devil.

  9. Blackvoice.com

    A former co-worker of mine, and all-around-good-guy, Rod Charles was one CBC Radio One’s flagship program This Morning, um, this morning. Unfortunately, I missed the segment (hoping to catch it tonight in repeat), but this here’s the promo blurb used on the show’s site:

  10. Computers as writers

    Years ago I was asked to participate in an online debate technology will affect writers. In one of my arguments (which I think I still have lying around somewhere, and may post one day), I said that its very possible that computers will be able to write acceptable quality newspaper articles. Though intended as a minor — and by no means original — point of my argument, it became the most fiercly debated topic with many participants refusing to accept the possibility.

  11. Scenes from New York

    Upon returning from New York City and walking into a brutal heat wave in Toronto I was felled by a cold. Maybe I should have just stayed in Manhattan. Anyway, here are some observations about the City as it existed in the first days of August 2001:

  12. Teaching online journalism

    There two schools of thought when it comes to teaching online journalism: teach students the languages of the Web or don’t.

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