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Living Can Kill You

OJA nominees; Floatutorial; Sympatico brought to its knees

The American government seems to have found a clever way around the freedom of the press: treat online journalists as ISPs.

The Online News Association knows better, and has released the nominations for the its 2003 Online Journalism Awards (I screened some of the sites). There are plenty of good pieces listed, including two by the CBC — I saw no other Canadians sites nominated.

Russ Weakley (of Listamatic fame) explains floats in nine tutorials. Once you’ve read through these, the initially tricky property should finally make sense.

Although the details are scant, AOL’s decision to begin captioning some of its Internet-based video feeds could be a positive move for online accessibility. Or, cynically, it’ll be pitched as an added-value feature as MSN gives its video away.

And now, as they say, for something completely different: the David Suzuki Foundation’s new report, Driven to Action: Stopping Sprawl in Your Community (as well as the companion piece Understanding Sprawl: A Citizen's Guide) offers a clear and thoughtful explanation on what can be done to contain the expanding girth of our cities.

Meanwhile…Sympatico’s email system has been brought down by virii and and spam. I can’t send out any email, and Canada’s biggest ISP can’t say when it’ll be fixed.